This article on Aurelia performance focused on comparing power to weight ratios for the Aurelias and other cars. It was published in the Lanciana, magazine of the American Lancia Club.

Visual presentation was done by Ed Levin, as part of his work in putting out the club publication - and is nicely done.  Thanks!

Work in this area started years ago, in trying to find comparables for the Aurelia. Comparables ranged widely - Alfas, Mercedes, Jaguars, etc. all partially overlapped Aurelias, although in different markets.  Direct competitors for the Aurelia are not readily identified across the entire lineup; perhaps the Alfa 1900 and later 2 liters came  closest, but without the same build quality or refinement. They also didn’t have the  complexity of the Aurelia, being simpler in their design and construction.

Looking at performance in the 1960‘s is revealing about Flaminias and Flavias. Their power:weight was similar to that of the early Aurelias, and while comfort levels were improved, performance targets were not. It was not until the later Flavias, either 2 liters or injected, that this was corrected.

Fulvia development was clearly following the route of Alfa Romeo (less weight, more power). With the early HF, and then 1600, they were able to keep up with the competition. Curiously, Lancia’s engine efficiency was steadily improving - but these gains were used to offset additional refinement in the cars.

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Power to Weight